Splendora.H. (splendorah) wrote in wwoof,

Help Wwoofing in UK

I don't know if anyone here has had this misfortune of going to WWOOF in the UK and getting put through immigration holding, getting processed, and sent home...but let me tell you it is hell. If you have foresight you would scour the net for info on UK Borders Regulations with migrant workers (which you aren't, but they tell you that essentially you are, and you don't have papers, go home) you would see you almost have to lie.

So I'm coming to you all in a time of need because I've just been sent home, and given the next 4 months of my life were scheduled around WWOOFING, I don't want to give up so easily. Plus, my boyfriend is there and we had general travel plans.

I'm worried because I need to get through customs.
Have any of you as US Citizens Wwoofed in the UK, if so, what type of VISA and/or PERMIT did you need to gain entry? Any advice on Visas and Permits would be helpful, I've already tried the numbers the consulate gives you and they sent me to a Voluntary Worker Visa which I'm worried won't got through because Wwoof isn't a charity and I have a sent home record, and then I'll be out about 200USD.

I'm really close to just not trying to Wwoof, but just go over there and stay with my boyfriend, but again, since customs has a record of my previous travel plans and dates...I'm not sure how I'll get through as a traveler anyways. Because they wouldn't believe me.

Thanks so much for any advice you can give me.
Given I'd rather just WWOOF.
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